When to Stop Seeking Freedom

It’s a strange statement. Coming from someone who resides in a country battling for every kind of freedom you can imagine. What I’m referring to is the personal journey to freedom. Ya know, the “God here’s what’s wrong with me, here’s what happened to me, now help me get freed from it”, the wrong thinking, the old memories, the wrong actions, the hardened heart, and on and on we go. I’ve been seeking freedom for nearly 10+ years. Constantly awaiting another revelation that will guide me to a better version of myself. I’m all for becoming better people, believe me, you wouldn’t like me in my 20’s, yet I probably wouldn’t have even tried to get to know anyone, as the tower walls were SOOO high, no one in, and no one out. I digress.

So freedom. Here’s the truth bomb that has been dropped on me this week. When will I stop seeking freedom and start living free? Seriously, boom.

I’m grateful for a God who encompasses perfect patience, for I would have given up on me by now. I’ve sought out every flaw you can possibly fathom, I’ve prayed out, journalized out, painted out, talked out every possible angle of my past and my current situation that I’ve literally analyzed my own life to death. My intentions were good. I just wanted to get my stuff and myself out of the way so Jesus could flow more freely from me.

Who am I to think Jesus needs my help? He doesn’t need my help. He can use whoever He wants regardless of their condition, faith, and Christian ‘rank’. Oh to be set free from preforming for God. He doesn’t desire it nor does it please him. My doing doesn’t please Him, my focus on Him pleases Him. So my attempts to “be” whatever I think God wants me to be is irrelevant. I get to be me. Just me and He will work through me just as I am.

Jesus didn’t die on the cross and say, “it is finished”, to give us a check off list of things we need to complete following “it is finished”. Here’s what I imagine we think:

“Now I need you all to go to church every day and I need you to deal with all of your past problems, reconcile everything and then you need to volunteer for everything good and then after that you need to be in bible study after bible study and then go to some retreats and get “right” with Me…. THEN, I think you’re good to go. But that may depend on your behavior between now and the end. So yeah, “It is finished” except you need to get your act together first.”


Stop the performing. Stop the seeking to be freed.

Live free.

Embrace the life God has given you. Let the Word of God renew your mind and walk this life full of the goodness that has always been there. The joy, the love, the kindness, the faithfulness, and all the fruit that is readily available 24/7. ALL of them. You don’t get just 1 or 2, you HAVE all of them within you now. (Gal 5:22-23) Go to church because you want to. Do a study because you want to. Stay home and enjoy the blessings God has given because you want to. When your want becomes focused on God’s want then it really becomes an easy choice.

What does God want from you? Time? Attention? Focus? Opportunity?

If you are a believer, your Spirit is signed sealed and delivered. It is one with the Holy Spirit. Our biggest battles will always be within our minds and this is the battle ground of will, of emotions, of thoughts.

Know who you are fighting and know who commands the army on your side. Stop living in fear and live a life free, free from past, free from future, free from present stresses. Can we surrender and trust that God really cares about us and everything that we care about? He understands all that you have been through, all that you will go through and He has a plan for all suffering, all trials, all struggle. Do you believe that? If not, I challenge you to think for a minute. Every person who has inspired you in your life has fought a battle and I bet that their journey through the battle is what drew you to them. Why can’t the same be said for your battle? God uses all for His glory, if we would just stop focusing on the hard and focus on the life and freedom that our ‘hard stuff’ offers others.

So stop seeking freedom. LIVE IT.

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