Why Go.

This past month I made my second trip to Uganda with The ManUp and Go Organization. What a blessed time it was. The overwhelming sense of love and surrender was heavy. Here’s my story.

I had originally planned to go from the get go, in fact I may have even called and started the conversation to get the ball rolling for us to return to the Women’s Conference. The call to go was huge, I couldn’t shake it. It really made no sense to me why my heart’s desire was so on fire to go back, because frankly, it’s not an easy trip. Last years experience was wonderfully hard. Wonderful in what God did through us, hard in my flesh being this crazy American put so far out of my comfort zone. So why go back? I really didn’t know why, I just knew I was suppose to go.

Fast forward a month into planning, and I discovered a schedule conflict with the trip. I was devastated and so conflicted with what to do. My daughter was going to be graduating high school and the week we would be gone would be during drop off time at college. How can I miss that? What does that say to her? As a friend told me, “God will never ask you to sacrifice your family for ministry.”

I battled. I really battled. My heart still felt called to GO, yet my brain and all my mother instincts said STAY. After much prayer and council, I decide to stay. Oh how hard it was to say, “I’m not going”.

Over the next few months I focused on my daughters accomplishments and embrace this big milestone that was upon us. I put the trip to rest in my mind and got back to living in the present. I never told her about the conflict nor did I feel it was something she needed to know about.

One month before we were to drop her off she received a letter from the University inviting her to go to Golden Days. It is a program they had just started this year. It was a program for new incoming students so they could get settled before all the other students arrive. She now had an option to go early, and that was before the team would leave for Africa. My heart jumped and I thought to myself, “Lord, do you really want me to go to Africa? How in the world am I going to raise enough money to go in less than one month? Will I even be able to find a plane ticket with my team, and how expensive is that going to be, will they let me go this late?!”

Over the next week I prayed about it and I reached out to my team leader and a few friends asking for prayers as well.

After I discussed with my daughter about going early to school, we decided this would be a great opportunity to meet new people outside of just her roommate, and get involved and comfortable with the change.

I decided I would try ‘my best’ to raise the money and if I didn’t have it all within two weeks then it just wasn’t meant to be. Over the next two weeks I reached out to a few groups of people and also did some public posts on Facebook for friends and family to donate. I needed to raise almost $4000 in two weeks. My plane tickets were going to be $700 more than the teams. I’m going to be real honest here, I really don’t like asking people for money. It is something that makes me feel so uncomfortable. But I did it and I waited. After the two weeks were up, I had not even raised $1000.

I was completely broken, devastated and wondered if I didn’t hear the call at all! Was I even hearing God? Was this desire not His but for my own selfish reasons?

In my desperation and cries, I pleaded to God to forgive me if I was being selfish. I asked Him to bless the team and protect them on their journey whether I was a part of it or not. I cried and cried, shouting out to the Lord my surrender of this desire. At the end of my prayer my phone notifications started going off. By the time my prayer was done, I had over half the money needed for the trip in my account. Okay God, I’m listening!

That afternoon my husband came home and handed me an envelope. He donated a 1/4 of the trip funds from his business. My husband! Who’s husband does that?! Many struggle supporting these trips as there is risks involved. I cried and cried. He did what God asked him to do. He knew the desire in my heart was not my own.

I only needed enough money to cover the extra part for the plane ticket. In the next week all the funds came in, in fact, more came in than was needed and it helped cover my Visa cost too.

So THIS is “Why I went.” A desire, planted by the Almighty. He knew from the beginning that there never was a schedule conflict. He also waited for me to surrender ‘my doing’ things in ‘my own’ power. He waited for me to fix my eyes on Him and keep them fixed on Him.

My lesson in all of this is wrapped up in this one statement:

Faith requires FULL SURRENDER.

Ironically the word surrender has been a large part of personal revelations this year. The Lord showed me what happens when we fully surrender our own thoughts, expectations, desires and plans. He supplied me with almost $4000 in 14 days, so I could GO and share his love and encouragement with Uganda. Every moment of this trip was love poured out to those kids, ministry leaders, and women and men we spoke with. It was not my ability to love that big, it was God’s ability to love through a surrendered vessel.

I surrendered over and over on the trip, through emotional battles, mental battles, physical battles, and over and over He supplied what I needed and more, the ability to love and encourage and serve. Only God can do that.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil 4: 6-7

He is so good. Be encouraged today that He has a great plan for your life. I challenge you to surrender your own plans and agendas, and have hope in a God that has an even better plan.

To each and everyone of you who partnered with me through prayers and funds, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for listening to the call as well. Going is a joint effort. Without you, it’s not possible. Thank you, and may God abundantly bless you for your generosity.



As many of you know I have recently been to Africa, and though you may be tired of hearing about it, I’m quite certain the revelations from this trip will continue well into the next 365 days.

Straight up, Ethiopia rocked my world. It rocked my world in many ways, hard and good. My brain and my heart have been reset and have been opened in a way I never would have expected.

Leading up to this trip I felt like the Lord gave me a “heads up” that my father would somehow be part of this trip. It didn’t make sense to me at the time, yet it sure does now.


The first full day we spent in Ethiopia was with Glory to Glory church. They worshiped in a tiny concrete building with plastic chairs on a broken concrete floor. I remember looking at the stained walls and the open building to the outside world. People were gathered inside the building and outside the building. Some awaiting food afterwards as we were to serve the people. It was a very humbling experience to face famine head on. Poverty here was so much more than the material positions we think of, this was famine of the heart, the spirit, which is what poverty truly is for each of us. They were starving inside, I saw eyes of emptiness, and it was hard. Though there were empty eyes, I also saw and heard beautiful praise, beautiful hope and beautiful faith, and eyes that shined. I had to let the good out weigh the hard, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The praise and worship wasn’t in english, yet I felt the Spirit moving so heavy, He surpasses language barriers, that’s for sure!!

After church we went to a local soccer tournament that was started up by ManUp and Go many years ago(this is the organization I went with). To see the kids playing and so many children watching was beautiful. Many of the kids came up to our team, immediately wanting to communicate with us and also asking for gifts or money. Big gulp, NOT giving to them was difficult and thinking of “what do I have to offer them that would be lasting” was a challenge. Many of them went to a local school around the area and some did not. I spoke with them the best I could. Language was a barrier, but the Spirit was not.


One young boy followed me around speaking to me, laughing at how different I was, and playing hand clapping games with me. I thought the one thing I can do is teach them a simple game of different handshakes, and they loved it. Finally this young boy approached me along with another person on our team. We began asking this young boy where he lived and about his family. He explained that He was fatherless and lived with his mother. “No papa.”, he said. My heart immediately connected with him.

This was the first time dad showed up on the trip.

I explained to him that I to didn’t have a papa. I offered to pray with him and he accepted. This was what I had to offer, something much more lasting than a handout. I was able to point him to his Heavenly Father who will always be with him. For the remainder of the time he followed me around the soccer area. Every once in a while he would say, “Me, No papa, You, No papa.” There was a sparkle in his eyes when we would lock eyes. We had a connection in suffering, and somehow, my suffering gave him hope, hope that he can get through this.

That day in Ethiopia was Father’s Day. I dreaded that day for many years. I learned how to celebrate my husband and avoid being titled “fatherless”, but with my husband not there I had to face it head on. I was given a moment to use my hurt to help. Only God can do that.

That evening I dove into the Word. My daily devotion said this:

Psalms 68:5 Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in His holy habitation.

This is His holy habitation, to be a father to the fatherless! I was able to point this young man to Abba. We are all sons and daughters of the one true King, Abba. How beautiful that the Lord took a broken place within me and gave a child hope through it.

Today is my father’s birthday. So this is a present for him. In my loss, I was able to connect with this young child and give him hope in his Heavenly Father. Without my loss, I would never have been able to. God is so much bigger, so much smarter, and so much more everything.

Happy Birthday Dad, I miss you, I love you, be seeing you.


Unhindered Prayers: Part 2


There are certain parts of our past, our story, that we struggle letting go of, we hold on to them too tight. There are certain things that we see in our daily lives that cause us to be hardened because of our past. One of the most difficult ‘things’ for me has been unfaithful men and alcoholism. I’ve seen it destroy families, I’ve seen it sever relationships with parents and children. 

This past month I went on a mission trip with ManUp & Go to Ethiopia and Uganda. What a blessing this trip has been. So much revelation, so much love, and wonderful connections with the beautiful people of Africa.

The last few days in Uganda we visited the Masese Community. A middle age man approached me on the street asking for money. In preparation for this trip we were educated on the importance of giving a hand ‘up’ not a hand ‘out’. Giving a hand out many times causes more harm than good, when what is needed is to be empowered with opportunities to create ways to provide for themselves and their family in a more permanent way instead of a one time hand out. We were called to encourage them in their walk with Christ. Believe me, this was so hard, I wanted to give to everyone. Yet God laid it on my heart to offer prayers instead of money. Talk about taking me out of my comfort zone, I struggle praying in my own church in front of people! So here is my experience of praying with this man pictured above.

I offered to pray with him instead of giving him money and he accepted. In the prayer I asked God to protect him and his family, I asked God to bless him with income, to bless him with abundance, I asked God to give him guidance and for him to know his Savior better, and much more, yet I can’t recall everything I offered up. After I was finished praying with him we parted ways.

One of my friends on the trip asked me if I saw what he had set down before we began to pray? I didn’t see anything. What he sat down was a small bag of alcohol. Somehow I didn’t see it AND I didn’t smell it! Considering my own history with alcohol I was pretty amazing I didn’t recognize it. A few minutes went by and the man came back over to me, and a translator came with him, she explained to me that he didn’t have a family(he wanted me to know this part) and he had many children with many women. At this point I was starting to see him stumbling as well, he was drunk.

My brain, my heart were reeling! “Wait! I just prayed for a man who represents the exact thing I despise!?” He represented what had hurt me so badly in my past. God showed me a very hardened part of my heart, that I “thought” I had let go of. Part of my unsettlement, I believe, came from my own struggles with drinking and promiscuity. I have judged myself as well, and maybe, just maybe, I saw my darkest places in this man and it unhinged me.

In the moment, somehow the Lord blinded me from this man’s failures and from judgement so I could pray unhindered prayers for someone my flesh would have judged otherwise. God showed me His abilities through me when my flesh was out-of-the-way. He showed me his love, for ALL is people, the broken, and the ones I have struggled with forgiving the most.

This is a journal from the day after this event as I was reeling, this is what I felt God was telling me, “Love abides, love is for all children, the lost and the seeking. Find peace in my Spirit. Know that I have a plan for all lives. Even the ones who hurt you. Make peace with it and release them to me.”

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. Romans 5:8

All deserve his love, he came for the broken. I should know this because of my own brokenness he has restored. So I rejoice in His abilities through me, when my flesh was blinded and I was able to see broken through His eyes. Judgement is not mine to have. All are loved. All are his children, none more valuable than another. HE HAS A PLAN FOR ALL LIVES!

So here I sit processing all this moment had to offer me, releasing yet other layer to find true freedom and resting in His ever-loving arms. What I was able to offer this man was unhindered prayers, and THAT is the best gift I could have given him, ONLY by the grace of God.

Who do you need to pray unhindered for?


“I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.” Heb 13:5

Unhindered Prayers: Part 1

Mark 11:24 ~ Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

I recently arrived home from a mission trip to Africa(Ethiopia and Uganda) with the organization ManUp & Go. To say my world has been rocked is an understatement. The perspective I have been given about life outside of America is very freeing and very hard. We here battle differently then there, yet we all are in a battle. Coming back from this trip wasn’t as difficult as my first trip to Guatemala, as I was able to see the blessing of organization and the systems we do have in place here, yet the evidence of the distractions we have here is unprecedented.

We have so many opportunities here to make a living and provide for ourselves and our families. I even saw with unfiltered glasses the biggest problem of all, we can do so much here that many times we overlook the need for God. It’s a huge problem, we become our own god, with our own answers, with our own ways and our own means. In this area of Africa they have little distractions and have many times no means to providing for their families so their relationship with the Lord many times is ‘deeper’ due to the NEED. The people of Ethiopia and Uganda are full of love and kindness, accepting us as we are, loving us as we loved on them. To share with them about Jesus was easy, they were seeking hope, and HE is hope. We here in America seek for wealth and happiness through things and stuff, and titles, and performance and awards, many times missing the very hope we need as well. The evil one is crafty keeping us busy on our path to success and many times we miss the many opportunities the Lord puts before us due to distractions and drive to seek “happiness”.

While there the distractions were removed, the titles were removed, the success path was removed which allowed me to see so clearly what God is doing.

There are so many stories I have but I think I’ll start with this one, Simon.

After our Women’s Conference in Uganda they did an altar call. With over 700 women there, the front of the church filled up fast with women coming to receive prayers. We as guests were asked to pray over these women. I will never forget this moment, the sheer power of it all, the praise, the prayer, the Spirit so heavy I could hardly breathe and the tears just flowed. While going up to the women and laying hands on them and praying over them, even though they had no idea what I was saying as many didn’t speak much English, one women grabbed my hand as I laid it on her. She pulled me down to her and said, “Look at my son, Simon! LOOK!” I knew this mean she was asking for prayers for him, yet I had no idea what I was to pray for, so I asked the Lord to help me pray for him. As I prayed for Simon and his mother I felt the spirit lead me to pray healing for him, he looked like a healthy 2 year old to me but I just had a feeling that for her to be so intentional for me to pray for him it must be healing. So I asked the Lord to heal him, body, mind, spirit, emotional trauma, and so on. I honestly don’t remember much of the prayer as it was just pouring out and I felt the Spirit heavy on me. After I prayed for Simon and his mother I went on praying for many others as the Spirit lead until we were done. After the conference we all went outside to prepare to leave, Simon’s mother approached me and said, “Look at him, he is blind.”

I didn’t see it when I was praying, he looked perfectly normal and here I was facing this child with clouded eyes and it was evident. God hid it from me, I truly believe that. He didn’t let me see his blindness as I wouldn’t have been able to pray unhindered prayers over him knowing. God took my flesh out of the way and let me see Simon through His eyes while praying. I remember feeling shook when she told me he was blind, as if I did something wrong, did I pray something I shouldn’t have, what if God doesn’t answer? All the “what if’s” flooded in and then my new sister in Christ Jeanette said to me later that day, “Girl, don’t waste your time praying if you don’t believe Him!” and it rattled me, I thought, how could I pray unhindered? God showed me that HE allowed me to intercede for this young child by blinding me from his condition.


The next day we went back to the Women’s Conference to help with a feeding program. When we got off the bus we played with the kids for a bit and there was Simon and his mom again. I saw him and went over to them to greet them. As we were playing games with the kids Simon got down out of his mother’s arms and walked right up to me. I could see one of his eyes was tracking me and I scooped him up and hugged him and held him tight. His mother grabbed a translator and brought him to Momma Jeanette and I. The translator told us what she was saying, “Simon is seeing, God has answered my prayers! He is seeing better than he ever has!”

Glory to God!! This is what an unhindered prayer looks like. God didn’t have to show me this, yet I believe He did so I could understand what praying unhindered looks like. To truly believe Him and trust Him in circumstances. I know healing is multifaceted. Many times we pray for physical healing and a person may need emotional healing to get physical results too. I’ve spent years studying healing of the mind, body and spirit. All I know is God showed me something miraculous and let me be a small part by being a vessel for His great work and it didn’t require studying, it required faith and trust in His abilities, not my own.

So I leave this message with you to encourage you to pray unhindered prayers, believe Him, believe in miracles, believe.


And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. Ephesians 6:18


So this is the week, the long-awaited departure date to travel with ManUp and Go as part of a mission team to serve.

Let me give you a little back story.

Last fall I committed to traveling with ManUp and Go on a missions trip to Kenya. As we prepared our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits for this trip I was sure this was the time to go. My heart was set on spending my birthday in Kenya loving and serving and experience whatever the Lord had in store. What I wasn’t prepared for was the trip being cancelled due to the unrest in the country. I grieved this trip as weird as it sounds, to prepare your heart to go and let the Lord work through you to serve the widows and orphans was devastating when it didn’t come to pass. When the trip was cancelled we had the option to keep our funds in reserve and go on the Kenya trip the next fall. Due to the airlines guidelines on ‘when’ the plane tickets needed to be used up, the next fall Kenya trip was out of the time frame. There were a few trip options but they all overlapped previous commitments in my life. One being softball season, I’m a coach, and the other being during my business convention trip in which I had already paid for the tickets to go, and I was super excited to be ‘recognized’ for my business growth. I remember feeling this still small voice asking me to consider giving up my convention. I hadn’t even considered it. I’d been involved in this business for over 4 years and had never made it to convention. I was beyond excited to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate and be pampered for my accomplishments. Yet this voice still whispered to me to consider letting it go to fulfill what I originally committed to back in the fall.

What if THIS trip gets cancelled? My big struggle was looking beyond the first cancellation and making peace with it. I had so many negative thoughts going through my head. “Maybe I wasn’t ready, maybe it got cancelled because my heart wasn’t in the right place, maybe THIS trip will to get cancelled because I’m still not right in my heart?” Oh the negative assault was heavy.


I called my travel partner for the business convention and explained that I felt I needed to cancel and instead go to Africa. I just had to go on this mission trip. She understood and I made a commitment to travel to Africa yet again. I battled with feeling as though I let my business team members down in not staying with my first commitment. Yet the Lord has given me great insight into seeing opportunities and not becoming so stuck in our ‘plans’ that we aren’t willing to budge. So I budged and chose to leave the celebration and awards and go serve.

I’m not blogging to get some kind of a ‘that a girl’ pat on the back, but more to share with you my vulnerable spot in knowing my selfishness got in the way of seeing a bigger picture. It took me quite awhile to even receive the idea because I was so blinded by my reward.

We leave for Ethiopia and Uganda in 5 days. So what do I take with me? What shouldn’t I be taking with me?

I take an attitude of love and compassion, I take an open heart and mind, I take the heart of a servant and I take an approach that God has this, all of it, the hard, the joy, the craziness, the unknowns and I am called to do but one thing, trust Him. Trust His protection, His abilities, His spirit within.

What should I leave behind; worry, stress, anxiety, fear, judgement, a hardened heart and a closed mind.

I think we all could take the challenge of leaving things behind in our lives at times, and letting God lead and accepting that HE is ALL we need. Jesus is the greatest reward I will ever receive, and to go and serve in His name is an honor. Not every person is called to this kind of going. Some are called to go locally, within your family, your friends, your work, within the country and some outside of the country. We must be open to listening to what the Lord wants to do in our lives, and sometimes it’s at the most unexpected time or even dare I say, the most inconvenient time to my flesh, but NOT to my spirit.

So here’s to Africa… Seeing the Jesus that is already there and loving others right where they are at.


Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27

What is Content?

In January of 2017 the Lord gave me a word, content, I didn’t think much of it as I felt that I was content with what I had been given, and content in my life and wasn’t seeking anything beyond the blessings in front of me. Easy peasy.


January 29th I signed up for my first international mission trip. The trip consisted of a group of medical professionals traveling to an orphanage. They wanted a photographer to capture their work. I would have to come up with the funds as this was a volunteer gig. The call was for the greater good and this was a seed the Lord had planted in me 10 years ago, an opportunity to capture the work of a mission team. The team, which spanned from 6 different states, was going to an orphanage in Guatemala(The Eagle’s Nest). I would be the only one from Kansas and I didn’t know anyone on the team, but, the orphanage was were my nephew had been adopted from in 2005. Guatemala closed down adoption to the USA around 2008.

Content…. in His abilities to provide opportunities.

In preparation for the trip I saved money from a few of my photo sessions to make my first deposit. As the second deposit came due, I was a bit nervous about having enough money, but I made a payment on faith that God would provide somehow, if not, then I probably shouldn’t go. 2 days after I made the “on faith” payment I received a print order for quite a few of my nature photos, enough to cover the entire second deposit! My husband and a few others felt called to donate money as well, yes I said husband, he runs a HVAC business and had been putting funds back to gift me… he truly is the sweetest man. The last and final amount was due and my local church donated the rest of the funds to the organization(The Orphan Door) and it was a done deal.

I’m reluctant to share this but I think I need to. in December of 2016 our daughter decided she wanted to go on a mission trip to Guatemala as well, with the local church youth. After interviews and being accepted to go on the trip she began her process to prepare for the trip to the same orphanage that I would be going to 2 weeks earlier. When our daughter signed up for the trip I had no idea that the opportunity for me to go was even in the cards. I knew I couldn’t go with the youth team as I had already booked a wedding to photograph the weekend they left. On January 15th her seed money was due. I felt it within my spirit to pay for more than just my daughter’s seed money, I paid not only our daughter’s but others as well. 2 weeks later I signed up to go to Guatemala on complete faith that the Lord would provide a financial way for me to go…… He did.

Content… in God’s abilities to provide funds…. The Lord funded my trip and my daughter’s trip, among many others.

In preparation for the trip, my goal was to prepare my heart to be broken, for I knew observing poverty would be hard for this mercy heart. The Lord spoke whispers over and over to me that my job was to observe the blessings in the hard, dark places, to SEE HOPE. One journal I had prior to leaving was this, “Shining bright is not a controlled burn, let the fire burn bright. (References: John 1:5, Matt 4:16, Ps 27:1, Rev 21:23) Be a light, trust Him, and then this:

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed. 2 Cor 4:7-8 NLT

Leading up to the trip, our family had quite a bit of chaos, approximately 3 months of chaos. Teenage struggles mostly and work overload. The one thing I realized when I got to Guatemala was that my struggles were not that big, although they felt big at the time, they really were not.

Content… in His abilities to change perspective.

The Trip

I had never flown in a plane by myself, yes, 41 years old and have always flown with someone I knew. Not only was I flying alone to Houston but I had never been to the Houston airport and I was meeting up with strangers. As you can imagine I was a bit fearful and nervous about this. 5AM I got on a plane from KC to Houston. I sat down next to a couple and decided that if I’m out of my comfort zone I mine-as-well attempt to make a friend. As I started speaking to the lady next to me she shares with me that she has been on 14 mission trips and was on her way to Honduras for a month. She had been in the Houston airport numerous times and was willing to walk me to my gate so I made it on time. We were a bit worried I might miss my flight as I barely had an hour to get to my gate and our flight was rerouted due to weather, we were running late. With no back up plan in place I went on faith and told her I was just going to trust God that he would get me there on time. Little did we know that the plane flew into the International terminal and it was a hop, skip and jump from where I needed to go. I gained a friend and a prayer warrior.

Content… in His abilities to provide guidance.

The next flight was upon me and now it was time to meet the team. My prayer on the plane was, “Let me see what you want me to see, help me to capture life, love, whatever you deem, even the hard stuff if necessary. Protect my family as I am away, and always. Please let all the luggage and travels on to the orphanage go well. Protect us Lord and guide us to be the hands and feet of you. Amen”

Stepping off of the plane


Overwhelmed is the word that comes to mind once in Guatemala City, as I was removed from the USA box. So much poverty, pollution, trash, yet in all of that, beautiful crops come forth and smiles of laughing children and a young boy stops to smile as he sees the camera. I am thankful, but I am ashamed. I am blessed yet humbled at this level of poverty. I asked the Lord to forgive me for not knowing my abundance. My problems are so small. Once out of the box, you can’t look at life the same. When I came back to the states I didn’t realise the effect it would have on me. I cried when I washed my hands in the bathroom sink and could brush my teeth with clean water. I cried in the gas station bathroom because it was clean and had toilet paper. I cried in the grocery store over the multitude of choices. I cried looking across the parking lot of a hotel, it was so clean. I could see the abundance and blessings over America. I had never seen it this way before. The resounding observation that I had while there was that many people in Guatemala are completely content with little, they would give away to their family and friends without a second thought. At the orphanage they served lunch to the children in high poverty, it was called “Manna”. One of my team members saw a child sneak out part of their meal and share it with their mother waiting for them outside.

Content… in the abundance He provides.

Over the next 5 days I witnessed 16 people who had never worked together before, most of us were strangers that came together, each with their own gifting. We loved on these kids and organized and worked together like a well oiled machine. Exams were done, classes were taught, life was shared together, relationships were built, prayers were said and some how God made all of us feel as if we had known each other for years at the end of our week. It was an absolute honor and miracle to witness.

Content… in His ability to bring the hands and feet of Christ together to serve.


Throughout the days at the orphanage, many of us fought colds, toothaches, stomach bugs or even just bugs in general! Many of us faced fears of illness or emotional battles within or felt spiritually unsettled, yet we all got there safely and we all got home safely as we felt the protection of the Lord among us. We witnessed special needs children who had come leaps and bounds in their health. The team came up with plans to help others who may still be struggling physically or in other ways. Many times we see healing as only a physical aspect, but healing can be emotional, spiritual or physical… We joined together and prayed for each other, for the kids, for others outside the walls and the presence of God was felt.

Leaving was hard…. yet many of us felt that saying goodbye was temporary… for many will be coming back. So we trust the Lord in his ability to protect His children and bring restoration and healing in mind, body and spirit.

Content… in His protection and healing.

The 3 things that resonated over and over with our team was this:

Our Brokenness, God’s Calling, Our Obedience

Content… in our journey, His will and His abilities through us.

If you feel called, be obedient to it and be content in all of HIS abilities, not your own.

11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:11-13

Isn’t God amazing?! Blessings.

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